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About Us

 At JC Valleys Wellness Clinic, we offer a full range of speciality massage therapy by an experienced RMT, who personalizes her care to each patient’s individual needs at every age of life. Highly experienced from newborn to geriatrics, you will leave our facility rejuvenated & relaxed. We use an organic cold pressed olive oil made by Zatoun, a non-profit organization that is imported from Palestine as the base of our signature massage oil with natural and pure lavender essential oils. 

Our oil is so gentle it can be utilized by people of all ages. Rest assured, you and your loved ones will be cared for with the finest ingredients when being massaged at JC Valleys. 

Our Services

Registered Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment is designed to use enough pressure to access the deeper muscles in order to alleviate your pain. Most patients who seek this sort of treatment has had consistent pain over a long period of time and need this type of pressure to feel relief.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)

Pre & Post Natal Massage

Pregnancy can take quite the toll on a woman’s body. This treatment is used to help ease the aches and discomfort that come along with pregnancy and/or birth.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)


As the average person ages, their body and posture changes over time. This treatment focuses on using techniques to allow the aging process to be easier and to increase range of motion.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)

Relaxation (Stress Relief)

Although many believe that stress is more of a mental discomfort, stress causes physical pain and very tense muscles. This treatment leaves you feeling calm in mind and body.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)

Trigger Point Therapy

These techniques use firm pressure in specific areas where the therapist finds tension in taut muscles. Although, this treatment can be painful and uncomfortable, it is very effective to reduce the “knots” in your muscles.

$65 (30 mins) / $85 (45 mins) / $105 (60 mins) / $150 (90 mins)


There are great benefits for children starting the day they are born. From teething to growing pains, this treatment helps with their growth development and any discomforts along the way.

$50 (Up to 25 mins) *0-36 months*
$65 (30 Minutes) Ages 3 and up

Add Ons

Paraffin Wax Treatment (Hands or Feet)

$14.99 (15 mins)

Hot Towel Treatment (Hands or Feet)

$29.99 (15 mins)

Castor Oil Scalp Massage

$29.99 (15 mins)




Essential Oils

The Essential Oils we use are crafted with purity by Embody Nature and have been made by the plants of their specific origin.

We use Lavender in our signature massage oil at JC Valleys but we provide the option to use any other essential oil to meet your therapy needs.


Essential Oils

Sleep & Insomnia, Headaches/Migraines, Anti-Inflammatory, Treats dry skin


Essential Oils

Circulation, Joint Inflammation, Headaches/Migraines


Essential Oils

Stress relief, Relaxation, Congestion


Essential Oils

Headaches/Migraines, Achy Muscles, Digestion, Anti-inflammatory


Essential Oils

Antidepressant, Constipation, Anti-inflammatory, Indigestion


Essential Oils

Varicose veins, Arthritis, Digestion, Mood booster


Essential Oils

Decongestant, Joint inflammation, Headaches/Migraines


Essential Oils

Blood Circulation, Muscle Joint & Pain, Anti-inflammatory, Stimulates immune system

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program

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Senior Days

Senior Days

Once a month, we offer one full day for senior (65+) to enjoy 20% off on massage therapy treatments.
Next Senior Day: October 30th , 2023

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At JC Valleys Wellness Clinic, we offer a full range of speciality massage therapy by an experienced RMT, who personalizes her care to each patient’s individual needs at every age of life. 

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